Come test your skills with MMG and join the ranks amongst are Winners and reap the glory and prizes. Daily Post, Weekly Events. This is only the beginning, the community will continue to grow!

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Ssbu Finals Match 

Over $2000 In Cash prizes Given out

Join the fun, Be a Contender, Win Big

Smash Tournament
January 2nd, 7:30pm Eastern Time - LAN EVENT

Top level Gaming is the venue, lan tournament for the bacon! (Cash prize pool). 

1v1 Double Elimination

3 stock-Best of 3

No Items

- $5 Venue Fee -

Smash Tournament-Online
January 26th,  8pm Eastern Time-Custom ONLINE LOBBY

$50 1st place Prize

-Free Entry-

1v1 Single Elimination

3 Stock-Best of of 3

No Items

Fortnite Tournament
January 10th, - 7:30 Pm -LAN EVEN

Best E-sports Facility in the City. Come test your skills amongst the other pros in this Weeks Fortnite tournament 

Fortnite Tournament - Online
January 25th, 5pm-8pm

Free Entry

$100 first place prize 

1v1 Single Elimination

Lan Event-Beachwood Mall